Le Mont-Saint-Michel

Don’t know this fairy tale island yet?

The island abbey on Mont St Michel is one of the top sights to see in Normandy and Brittany in France. Visit the abbey, ramparts, and old town but avoid the other tourist traps and restaurants.

Mont St Michel is one of the most picturesque historical sights to see in France. Medieval Mont St Michel abbey famously perches on top of a rocky island near the coasts of Normandy and Brittany. This UNESCO World Cultural Heritage listed site is hugely popular and always busy. The Romanesque-Gothic abbey complex is absolutely worth seeing.

But be aware Le Mont-Saint-Michel is attracted by masses and masses of people. This can be also seen in the whole build-up of the island. The restaurants and shops are pure tourist traps and few would regret eating elsewhere.

Hiking around the island on the mudflats is very popular too and afford fantastic views. All visitors arrive at the island either by walking or on the free shuttle buses.

Check out what to do !

Dos and Don’t on the Mont-Saint-Michel

3 Don’ts
  1. Don’t take the overcrowded shuttle bus. Enjoy the little walk profiting from the magnificent green landscapes with its sheep herds.
  2. Don’t eat in one of the many restaurants on the island: waste of money, nothing to enjoy.
  3. Don’t visit in high season: nothing enjoyable about a huge crowed of people !
3 Dos
  1. Wander around the magical middle-aged alleys.
  2. Visit the abbey of the Mont-Saint-Michel and take in a breath of history.
  3. Hungry? Escape the crowed! Visit the Ferme Saint-Michel (find the Menu  here).



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